Saturday, April 17, 2010

Baby Goats

Bryce met his first baby goat. The baby goat was 4 days old and lives at the assistant day care teachers fathers house. Only a baby goat would prompt me to ask someone I don't really know if I can go to their parents house to see it. So Friday night after work we visited the baby goat. As you can see Bryce was much more taken with the noisy momma goat. The baby goat was so cute. It felt like holding Dairy cat, so soft and all limp. This baby has not started bouncing but she was so cute. For my 34th birthday, Mom and Dad allowed us to take a night away. Although it was hard to leave Bryce, it was not hard to leave all of his stuff behind. We were able to go for a real hike, with some actual mileage and elevation gain. Then we spent the night in Hood River. It was so perfectly relaxing and we appreciated knowing that Bryce was in good hands. Then it was off to a hard week with Damon at the pass and me doing the single mom thing. Definately not easy, and makes me really appreciate what single moms go through. The house is starting to look like I am a Hoarder so that needs to be addressed this weekend. 8 weeks left until summer break. Yahoo!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Oh my little Easter Bunny

We had such a great spring break. It started off with a fun, beautiful wedding. A visit to Heather's cabin with lots of laughing. Lots of family time with everyone in town. A trip to meet baby Stella and stop by Great Grandma's on the key pen. And a kidless lunch with Nic. Bryce got lots of Grandparent time. He is having grandparent withdrawals and has thrown about 10 fits since being home. It is pretty funny, but not funny at the same time. He just went down for a nap, had a fit and I let him cry it out. At least he didn't protest about the way to small Easter hat. We are going to go to the western store to see bunnies and chicks for our Easter activity.