Friday, August 29, 2008

Carnies a tribute to the book Water for Elephants

Who doesn't love a carnie? Damon and I went to the Yakima fair one year and the dart balloon guy had narcelepsy and was falling asleep when he yelled for you to win one of those mirrored picture thingy's. He had quite a crowd of his own watching him. These are pictures from Zillah where I used to pick up one of my carpoolers. He left, only stayed 8 months or so. He was clinically depressed a month after moving to Zillah and starting to work with us. It is a rough job and he had the added stress of a wife and 4 children adjusting to life in the Valley. His back fence touched this carnival. He was afraid for his 12 year old daughter because she wanted to spend time at the carnival. I loved the fact that the Carnies were there for like 2 weeks before the two day carnival - so I got an up close and personal look at the carnie camp. Of course they were never up on our way to work. I got an email saying my carpooler got a job he really wanted and doesn't have to commute very far in the town he grew up in. I feel like that book/movie about the orphanage where the doctor teaches the orphan to do abortions. My coworker found his forever home (just like Rock, too). I hope I too will find my forever home soon (jobwise).

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Good bye Rock the dog, Hello Rock the Patio

This weekend we worked really hard and put in a rock patio outside our french doors my parents recently installed. It is amazing how adding a door can make you love your house and dirt pit of a yard. Having two dogs for the last month coming in and out from our dirt lawn caused us to move into action. We rented a tiller which promptly didn't work at all in churning up the dirt. So we dug it out by hand. Then we went and got a load of sand (thanks Mike for letting us borrow your truck) spread that out, placed the stones, and then had to dig and flatten each stone. Once we were done we realized it really did need a border. Damon is working on that this week. It was exhausting work for one weekend but worth it. We also took a trip to the dump we want the house to look as good as possible since the house next door is for sale. We want good neighbors. It doesn't seem like houses are selling quickly in Yakima (or anywhere, probably). We are probably stuck in our house for awhile so we are thinking about refinishing the hardwoods and Damon is looking through brochures for a hot tub. Jeez he pays off his car and thinks he is rich. On Monday we had a big treat - Rock got to go to his forever home. We had an email today that said he is doing great - no accidents and getting along just fine. Hope that continues since he peed on our bed and couch Friday night. We had some good days with Rock (now named Dempster) and some horrible days. The top three were: 1. The day he pooped in his crate and Damon came home to it smeared all over 2. The night he peed in his crate and got let out and ran all over the house 3. Friday when we came home to our bed being peed on and the couch. Yuck. All yuck. But he is sweet and lets hope he got all of his bad behaviors out on us. I know some of it is our fault - no dog wants to be in a crate for 16 hours a day after living on acreage. We learned that our house isn't big enough for another dog and we can't be a foster family for dogs. And if we do ever get a another dog it won't be a catahoola leopard hound. Too much time, too much missed work, and too much money. We had another crisis this week, Tarn came home from doggie day care with a wound in his arm and had to go to the emergency vet. He got some meds and a staple and seems to be healing nicely. I started classes again Monday. That is exciting and a lot of work, dang so much work. Today I was sick from work. Pilates was cancelled and I slept until 10 am. It was so wonderful-I must have been tired! We finally turned off the cable so for my sick day - no TV. I had to go to the gym to watch the View. I was sure sick. Video is of Tarn helping with the patio.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Goat Goat Goat

I got to go on a goat milking adventure with Mindy, Ben and Max. This as most know is my dream come true. We drove out to the goat farm to the chant "goat, goat, goat" and we tried to guess what noises the goats would make. Mindy was the only person with any goat milking experience and the last time she did it - she didn't get any milk. When we got there the goats were in the pasture with three giant horses (okay one was a baby horse). Only Sheeba was willing to greet us. I think she was only interested in the food since Max would go and fill up the bucket of feed for us to distract the horses and he would return with an empty bucket because Sheeba would shove her head in the bucket and steal all of the food. At one point I was in the pasture with giant horses circling around me and I was a little afraid. A thought ran through my mind - "this goat thing sucks" - but it was short lived. Eventually we just sat and waited until the goats walked in the pen themselves - this was about an hour later. Max was able to sneak up and close the gate. Max had elaborate plans to catch the goats - and he was frustrated we weren't willing to follow them. I know one of the plans had to do with Max blinking and signalling me to do something. The chalk board that told us what to do also explained that we needed to catch and pen up chicks and turkeys. We never found those so I guess they spent the night outside. Pretty sure that we failed our farming test. As we drove away Mindy said "I am not doing that again". Even with the decision not to do it again, we all had fun and our feet were covered in goat dung. We stopped at their relatives house where we were able to wash our hands. After leaving I asked Max why he doesn't like the dog at his grandparents house. He said because "black fat comes out of its ear". I guess it used to have a tumor that bursts - I love how concrete kids are. The evening ended with an invitation for a slumber party with Max. I was so sad to have to decline due to work.

Monday, August 11, 2008


I forgot about camping with my parents. Ping Pong on the picnic table, smores, hill billy golf, a hike between each event and lots of good company and food (thanks mom!).

Friday, August 8, 2008


There is something crazy going on in the lower valley (ie Sunnyside). There has been over 100000 marijuana plants found on farms. According to the not so great reporting the area that is 100,000,000 dollars worth of marijuana. Let's just assume they haven't found all of the marijuana. Let's assume that they haven't even found 25% of it. That means that the Lower Valley is pumping out 300000000 dollars worth of Marijuana. In an area where the median household income is 27,000$. I am not really concerned about the Marijuana - I am just concerned about the gangs and the violence in the area. Doesn't that seem like a large amount. I am sure they are trying to do something - but what. There is a really good documentary to be made finding out about the drug trade in the lower valley. It reminds me of that dvd cocaine cowboys and what was going on if Florida in the 80's. But this is happening now and no one seems to be doing anything. It is wierd. This area is so wierd. Everyday is like the twilight zone.

Bye Bye Puppy

Puppy has a home. Bye, bye pee, barking, whining before bed. He will be staying until the 24th, so we will have lots of puppy time. He pees less inside. And just this moment went to the door for me to let him him out. Tarn is getting lots of play time and has learned a cool new trick - barking. Kitty is enjoying getting the dog to chase him under the bed and then showing how agile he is to jump up and around.
I think we have decided on a vacation to the Sawtooth mountains in september. That is exciting. We have lots of date constraints, but I think we have dates in our mind. And if we can't get reservations in the Sawtooths. If we can't do that, then I think Damon is convinced to do a last minute cruise to Alaska. He is against it because the environmental impact. My point is it is going with or without us. I may have him convinced - if we don't get to go to the Sawtooths. We are constrained by not wanting to fly. How sad is that? And my passport expired, so we are stuck in the country until I can get that taken care of.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Oh boy

My friend left town back to Nevada and left this little cutie for us to find a home. I know someone out there knows someone who needs/wants a dog. This one is half louisianna catahoula hound and australian shepard he is seems really sweet. He can climb and has already gotten out twice. He needs an active family or could be put to work hearding cattle or sheep. You know you have a use for him. He comes with a giant crate and bark collar, food and toys. We will probably get him fixed this week. Following are some cute picks of Nia, who leaves today.