Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy Birthday B

Here’s to you, Bryce Kingsbury Roberts, our big 1 year old
Who loves his Kitty and would love his dog Tarn if Tarn would let him give kisses
Here’s to you who waves at everyone on a hike and in a restaurant
And double waves to a room to make sure everyone is watching
Here’s to you who does the “more” sign when birds fly over
And “says” more books
Here’s to you who repeats words like “troll”, “kitty”, and “bubbles”
And makes a sound like “thank you”
Here’s to you who will put up with almost anything unless it has to do with changing clothes or diapers
You have brought so much love and happiness into our lives!
Happy Birthday Bryce!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

One year ago yesterday was supposed to be Bryce's due date. It is so crazy that on the same day one year later I feel so relaxed. I should whip myself into a frenzy and put all of the stuff away that I moved home this morning, pack for tomorrow (Bryce is going to day care and I have a meeting at work), and pack for camping this weekend. But it is not going to happen. I guess I'll have to whip myself into a frenzy tomorrow. I think Bryce just fell asleep. Bryce is crawling like a maniac. What happened. I looked through the last four blogs and saw him barely start eating toast and playing with kitty on the ground not moving. Wow, what a difference a summer can make. He eats anything and is into everything. Mentally I am trying to figure out how to rearrange everything to give him maximum exploring and separate him and Tarn. Tarn is not having the crawling and is much more territorial in his home. Maybe we will just give up and give Tarn the couch. We celebrated Bryce's birthday this week with a visit to the zoo and a pizza party with family and friends. Bryce loved all the attention and all of the times he got to go in the water. Then spent one night at the Pass and packed up all of our stuff this morning and came home. Sure I'd love a few more days to get organized, but that would have been time we weren't enjoying the Pass, Damon and all of the family and friends we got to spend time with. It was such a great relaxing and needed summer (at least for Bryce and I). My feet are so dirty it is going to take a long time to scrub off the filth. Back to the grind I guess. I am going to follow the advice of the so wise Heather...busy is a state of mind, I am not going to buy into it. No more frenzy. At least for today. My aunt Sandy took these pictures of Bryce's birthday celebration. Bryce learned early that one minute you are covered in shat and the next minute you are covered in cake. Cheers to almost a year of Bryce!