Friday, July 24, 2009


I didn't know what heart burn was until about 2 months ago. It is lame and I feel so bad for people that have it all the time. At first I tried not to take anything - you know the whole medication is bad - unless it makes you sleep, of course. Everyone else that was pregnant seemed to take it in huge doses, so eventually I started taking it too. The ARNP (medication prescriber) at my work was the first pusher of TUMS. So I started taking it a little, then I asked the midwife and she said you have to take it or you will damage your esophogus and you will have it permanently. So that started my love/hate relationship with TUMS. It is pretty gross, but seems to work. Which brings me to Safeway at noon yesterday. I was getting lunch at the deli and I was paying for it with my TUMS and Gatorade (staying hydrated is a huge chore). They needed a price check for the TUMS, so they pick up the phone and call for a price check. Out scurries this little old man, with a limp and a neon vest. He snatches my box of TUMS and scurries away. Then I am left there at the front of the line, I have already scanned my card, and the deli worker is staring at me. The machine is beeping for me to confirm the purchase and a lunch rush line is forming behind me. I keep looking for the little man and counting to ten, the man never comes back. I waited what seemed like 10 minutes with anxiety building, until I finally let go of the dream of having TUMS and let the deli worker off the hook, paid for my items minus the TUMS and went to work.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

For Jon

Who liked to watch me take vitamins because I always gag over the sink....I spent the morning throwing up because of a dang vitamin, in the sink, in the toilet. Then I had to go give my 3rd presentation in 10 days. It is over. I would celebrate with Janice's dress if I had more than 2 of sleep. 2 more hours and I will be one class closer to being done...besides the coloring.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tarn met a baby

Our friends came over with their little miracle born at 28 weeks
Tarn promptly brought out all of his stuffed toys to show the baby
Then he tried to put his bone under the baby
After the baby left he looked all over to see where the baby went
I can't wait to see how Tarn reacts to baby Bryce

Thursday, July 16, 2009


I now think of cleaning the house as a form of exercise
Yesterday I took the elevator instead of the stairs for the first time
(today, I am back to the stairs)
2 years ago we went to Mexico on vacation, last year it was hiking in the Sawtooths, this year it is two nights in Walla Walla for the sweet onion festival
Walla Walla has a dog park and a hotel that allows dogs and has a pool
Jon and Heather came for a visit and we got to go to the folklife festival It was a treat to spend the day with them.
We walked to the festival, then Damon showed up with the car so we got a ride home
Jon and Heather in the back with Tarn
Heather brought the baby the cutest cat doll, which has already been used to scare the real cat and Tarn went to his toy box and pulled out his similar looking Monkey to play with
I think we were supposed to train Tarn about the baby toys
Too late
He is so good with kids, so hopefully it will just transfer to the baby

Friday, July 10, 2009


3 weeks left of work part time work (20 hours a week)
3 weeks left of professional practice class
2 weeks left of neuropsychology class
3 presentations to do
2 classes to start and finish (cognitive lecture and lab)
Lots of papers and assignments to finish
5 weeks and 4 days until baby estimated arrival
Belly only needs to stretch 6 more cm from bottom to top

What are your thoughts on a group weigh at the doctor's office and being asked if you have any burning or itching in front of the group? I will never cease to be amazed. Damon won't even let me put the other conversation with the medical tech on here because he thinks it is too controversial. Going to the doctor's is like Saturday Night Live. In the waiting room, two year old twins started beating up a two year without a twin. No they weren't wearing gang colors.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Here we go...

6:30 listen to hypnobabies CD
7:00 breakfast get ready
8:00 pick up ASB card for WSU
8:05 got to YVCC lab to get a login for computer

  • Lab meanie: How do I know your a student?
  • Me: I just picked up this card, I was told I needed.
  • Lab meanie: That card doesn't tell me anything
  • Me: They told me this is the card I needed, I just went and got it.
  • Lab meanie: What was the name of the person who gave it to you? I know they aren't here yet?
  • Me: I don't know their name. They left it on the desk for me. (thought: are you kidding me?)
  • Lab meanie: You need to put away your drink. I don't know that you are a student.
  • Me: Okay, here they gave me this card the other day, I think it has a date (thought: you're stupid)
  • Lab meanie: That is what I need.
8:10 class
11:30 fingerprinting
1:00 work
6:30 breast feeding class (last class, I almost lost it because I was so tired, Damon said that I should leave before I lose it...he got out of coming to this class)
9:00 bed

It is 9:30 am, I hope I make it.....and there are no more meanies