Friday, October 23, 2009

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

We made it to week 7. It is crazy to see how much he has changed. Bryce is doing so good. He lets us know when he needs something and other than that he pretty much rolls with stuff. He made it through a shower my mother's friend's generously threw and he charmed all the ladies. He slept all the way to Gig Harbor and back, to our relief. I stayed home with him today and it was so easy to take care of him, not that easy to get anything else done. I went to my final doctor's appointment yesterday. Of course, it was comedy. I sat there forever, then they finally took me back, they were like, why are you here. I told them I was there for 6 week check up. 'Oh, well we don't know why you are scheduled with this doctor'. 'That is the doctor that did my c section'. 'She doesn't normally do these appointments'. 'Okay?' 'I'll go see if I can get her.' Then a student came in, which is fine. So we chit chatted while I am in my paper robe. She said, 'I am not going to do an exam, normally you don't do an exam when you already had one this year'. 'That sounds good'. Then the doctor came in and said, 'we do an exam since our population has a high amount of abnormal pap smears'. I wanted to scream...well I am not your normal population and I don't agree with doing exams based on a population not standard practice and I don't agree with you charging my insurance for an unneeded exam. You ever heard of Obama? I am sure you voted for him. I should have walked out, I hate myself for not walking out, but I stayed for some more abuse. I got a double pap smear that I didn't need so the student could practice. Cool. Then she said, 'oh I recognize you. it took me awhile because you have lost so much weight (i.e. you were really fat).' Done with them. Good riddance.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Hard to find time....

To update the blog. I made it through my first week and a half of work. We are so thankful to have my parents here to watch Bryce this month. It makes it much easier to leave for work, but it has not been easy. So far I have been in a different school daily. Bryce is growing and eating like crazy. He seems to know who we are, or at least that I provide the food. He is smiling. He is sleeping 5-6 hours at a time in the night. He is pretty happy for the most part. Right now he is in the Ergobaby and I am sitting on the exercise ball bouncing with the music blaring. This made it so I could pay some bills and update the blog. We have enjoyed many visitors this month which we have loved and know it is our turn to head the other direction. I stole the following pictures from some of visitors. The video is from today almost 6 weeks old. The little monster is pretty cute and we are so grateful that he is healthy.