Saturday, December 11, 2010

Merry Christmas from the Kingsbury/Roberts Family!

Here is your e christmas card. Bryce got his once a week hair washing, his bangs snipped and a sweater vest dropped over his head. Then he chose not to sit still, pointed his finger at me and said no-no, and finally dumped the dog's water to end the ill fated photo shoot. His calm sitting shot minus the sweater vest (thanks for the hand me down Janice) was while he watched baby einstein christmas. Thanks mom and dad for the cute whales to hang on our Christmas tree. We actually made it up to the mountains to cut down a tree this year. We are slowly working on decorating it. Anyway it's been a good year (blah, blah) and we are looking forward to a similarly good one in 2011. Hope your holidays find you and yours in good health and good spirits because truly nothing else matters!