Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

We are celebrating 3 years today! Damon is hoping to come down from the pass and I have a conference that gets over at 1:15. Yesterday was long and today will be short. Sunday we celebrated Tarn's birthday. He had sausage, steak, a trip to the dog park and a walk. A good day for him.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Moo! Bauk! Bryce loved the baby cows and chickens at the pumpkin patch. There was a goat ladder, too. That is a ramp the two goats are supposed to climb (?) After our goat attack at the fair, Bryce and I let Damon take the goat food. A very friendly goat that had escaped was getting hearded by a dog and it was all to crazy to deal with. The food got thrown again. It was very cold out and although we arrived when the paper said it was open, I guess we were an hour early. They let us tramp around and pick out a pumpkin and go in the maze. Bryce wasn't big on the maze since plants kept hitting him in the face. Mostly he just likes to ride in the wagon, so he would be happy in a dump if he got to ride in the wagon. This morning he stood by the door clapping his hands together in the more sign and pointing to the wagon. He also said "more" and pointed to his bed Thursday night. You gotta love him. We didn't get to see the pumpkin cannon since we were too early. Maybe next year.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Stuck like glue

Have you heard the song that has a line "you and me are stuck like glue". That is me and Bryce. Stuck like glue. We are celebrating our stuckness by having (another) sick day. Are you seeing a pattern here? He woke up this morning covered in spots. I quickly took him to the doctor. The regular doctor is out on Wednesdays and I have seen this doctor before. Both times it was a "yep he's sick" and that will cost 85$. Good thing we have already maxed out our portion of the deductible and Bryce is now double covered. It probably won't cost a thing and I got a get back into day care free note. Plus, it is just a virus so we can do stuff. Now I better come up with something to do. My parents took Bryce to the pumpkin patch. There is a pumpkin patch in Naches that slingshots pumpkins. Hopefully, I can convince Damon we need to go there for a visit this weekend. Well, here's to spots and another day off. Hope my sick days last.

Monday, October 4, 2010

we forgot the camera to go to the fair.
bryce loved the horses.
big horses and little horses.
he loved licking anything was a railing near an animal.
baa to the sheeps.
attacked by a goat mama and two baby's in the petting zoo.
signed more to the big circle ride. then it was scary.
that was it, away we went.