Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Such cuties!!!

Janice came to visit with Micah (3.5) and Sawyer (10 months). I think she secretly wanted to give me a taste of what it is like to have kids. It is pretty exhausting. The boys are so good though. Micah helps entertain Sawyer and plays nicely by himself and with others. Sue and Harper came over for a visit too. Harper brought along his red purse filled with Harmonicas. Then we went to the Red Gallery where the boys painted and played. We also went to 3 different playgrounds. We tried out all the good stuff my Mom purchased for the baby. Staying home with kids looks like a lot more work than actually going to work. Both Janice and Sue are supermoms.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Babies room complete!

And it matches my blog colors and Damon's new biking suit. Thanks to my MOM and DAD who painted the room, finished and brought all of the great baby items. They worked like maniacs to get a bunch of stuff done around our house. It was a nice treat for me to be told to go take a nap! There is a picture of the baby, too. We have a VHS of the ultrasound. I am sure you are interested!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

It's a Boy!!!!

My parents are here and it looks like a baby store blew up in my house. There is everything for a new baby. My mom is busy painting the baby's room a bright lime green and my dad is fixing the bathroom tile. I am bored. That should be music to my ears. I have some school work I could do, but I am taking a one weekend break from school. I'll pay later, I am sure. But the books for my class haven't arrived yet. Darn. April is finally here. The month of all good things. The nursery getting done, a quick visit home for Easter, GIRLS WEEKEND!!!, Janice visit with kids and the ultrasound of a healthy (as far as they can tell) baby. I guess I need to start listening to those hypnobirthing CD's. I'll start Monday. I have been looking into donating the cord blood from the baby so that is exciting too!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Ultrasound Done

No pics since we don't have a scanner. We do have nice VHS of it, if anyone has a VCR anymore. The ultrasound went really well and the baby has all of it's parts and appears healthy. The due date is again changed back to August 17th or 18th. So if it comes on time, it will be born on my last day of class. This will give me more time at home with the baby, so I hope it comes exactly on it's due date. Probably not, but we can always hope. The doctor seemed really competent so that made up for the medical tech trying to tell me to go take the test I described two posts ago. "No really, I already took it and got the results. Does anyone know what is going on around here?" On our way to the ultrasound, we again talked about switching providers. "If the doctor doesn't make a good impression we aren't coming back..." He seemed fine, so I guess that means if we stay and I have to have a C-section we are in good hands. We also found out that the protein in my urine from last time was probably just a contaminated a test, so I didn't need to be gorging myself on eggs and peanuts all day. And....I know what we are having. The doctor wrote it on a piece of paper for mom. Then when I picked up the paper, I could see through the paper. I am a little disappointed (with knowing), but it makes things simpler.