Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Baby Bryce will be born by....Sunday or Monday
We are hoping that he will come on his own before our scheduled 5 am induction on Saturday
He is showing some signs of wanting to be born, however nothing major
I woke up to a contraction last night and found Kitty sleeping on my belly
Oh Kitty
Yesterday we had a non stress test
Bryce passed
It was a rather confusing event since there is a definate communication gap with us and our medtech
Plus, I hadn't researched the test with my usual internet vigor
Note to self, know what you are getting into
The test started in a double room with recliner and two belts
One to measure contractions and one to measure Bryce's heart rate
Our medtech turned to me when we walked in the room "someone forgot to change their diaper"
Yup the room stunk, but the dirty diaper toddler provided some entertainment
Then I got hooked up and no explanation other than the baby needs to move and if he doesn't then we'll wake him up with cold water
Nothing no movement, no contractions
I entertained Damon by rubbing the spots on your shins that make contractions come
It works, wierd
Then they gave me some water, I gave it to Damon and put my hypnosis tapes on the ipod and leaned back in the chair
Contractions started immediately and the Bryce started dancing and his heart rate raised 15 beats twice in 20 minutes - he passed
Damon did great as the 4 different people came in and checked the strip and tried to talk to me with the ipod on...
Lets hope baby Bryce comes today or tomorrow and saves me the 24+ hour ordeal of an induction

Friday, August 21, 2009

Top 10 Reasons it is time for Bryce to come

10. All the things, I would normally do on a day off are pretty much off limits
9. I am starting to think about cleaning out the cupboards, but don't want to create a mess
8. All of my maternity shirts are stained
7. I don't think I can bare to go to water aerobics again and have everyone groan with sympathy
6. There are too many "Judge Shows" on television in the middle of the day
5. I am sick of the doctors office
4. People have started to say "You look miserable, instead of you don't look miserable enough"
3. None of the natural induction methods are fun when you are 40 weeks + 5
2. None of the medical induction methods are fun and some are dangerous
1. We want to meet him!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Today is the big day!!

Bryce's "guess date" and the last day of school. Four IQ tests got done and videotaped in the last two weeks (thanks to Luke and Max my brilliant subjects), 4 reports got written and two tests got taken. We had one crisis on Friday which included a trip to the doctor after a fear of leaking amniotic fluid. My midwife was on an emergency aka a birth. Gotta love that, your appointment is cancelled because there is an emergency. Then I got the overzealous OB two weeks into his first job. He had me worked up with about a 1000$ worth of tests and I was told I could be there all day for more tests including taking a jug home to pee in for 24 hours. That sounded fun. Then a half hour later, he was like "you can go". Okay, I guess everything was fine. Today started out with a bang. Damon was carrying my 4 bags out that I have to take to the tricities. I was following him out in my argyle bright blue and green boxers and bright yellow holey tshirt, when our neighbor (that waters for us) turned the corner. "When is the baby coming?" she asked. "Today is his due date!". Her dog wrapped his leash around Damon. "Are you going to the hospital?" "No school". We should have said the hospital to explain my cute outfit. Damon and I shoved our head in the car and couldn't stop laughing. Tonight I am going to celebrate by going to the grocery store and driving an electric cart. I am so excite!!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tarn gets a new outfit

The big news of the day is Tarn is getting shaved. I may have to pull all the camera equipment out of the birth bag to show you his new outfit, but that will probably be too much work. So you will have to imagine a skinny, fuzzy, white embarrassed Tarn. We are down to a few days left until the babies ETA and there are no signs of him. That is good since I have a few more things to do...Here is a video of Tarn enjoying his new do. I guess he whined like a baby and acted mad at doggie daycare after his cut. But he bounced around the yard and even dug up one of his chew toys. He seems to like all of the attention he is getting from Damon, Kitty and I.
Surprise #1, the black stripe down his back.
Surprise #2 he looks like a goat.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Week 38

0 babies born yet
2 weeks of school to go
0 jobs
1 new car
1 successful ultrasound with no problems and no reason to bug baby Bryce
2 weeks of 100 degree plus weather
1 hospital bag half packed
75 oz of water drank today
2 nights without Damon (party!)
1 dog with worms