Monday, September 5, 2011

My Little Big 2 Year Old

You never stop moving.
You never stop talking.
You never stop saying funny stuff.
You never stop bothering Tarn. And Kitty.
Right now you are brushing my teeth saying "you got teeth brush, so clean"
Now you are pressing buttons on the computer saying "that button, that button"
You say "I am going to climb that mountain"
Now you are off running "where did kitty go"
We are amazed at all that you are and a little tired too. I think Tarn and Kitty are a lot tired. Happy Birthday my little friend. May every year of your life be full of sweetness.
We also welcomed a sweet addition to the family two plus months ago, cousin Ethel. Welcome home Beautiful Baby Ethel. Bryce loves his itty bitty Ethel and can't wait for her to jump up and start chasing him. Congratulations KC and Laurel!

Damon's parents sent us their old laptop (Thanks) and Bryce got a Thomas the Train set for his birthday, so I am hoping to blog a little more often. More than once every six months.