Thursday, May 28, 2009

We road the canyon for a day this year. As a big treat, my parents and aunt joined me slowly make my way through the canyon. This is one of my favorite things because it is so beautiful. Mom and I made it about 9 miles in and back, which I considered pretty good. And dad made it all the way to the end, 35 miles. It was HOT and the baby started getting really really uncomfortable the last few miles, but we did it. Next year we (or Damon) will be pulling the baby and I will either be happily riding on tandem or on my own. I can't wait. Join us next year, it is my favorite Yakima event.

It is never too late to remember Girl's weekend on Orcas Island, where one picture of big sunglasses is never enough, and one picture of Suzy is never enough. This year was filled again, with crafting, laughing, and junking. We had three pregnant people this year and are wondering what the ratio will be next year. NOT IT! Of course I was sad my favorite life of the party was missing, but that will make next time all the more special. Kate - thank your mom again for her hospitality!! I love the next picture.

Last night we went to our first birthing class. It is early, but the class was being taught for the last time. We felt like we stepped into the movie set of Juno, with pregnant teenagers in polka dots and all. I am pretty sure there was also a gangster present (rat tail and all). We learned a little and felt really uncomfortable a lot. The most disturbing thing I learned is when you are at the hospital you aren't allowed to eat or drink anything but water and popsicles. Me - "that is stupid, I didn't climb mount rainier on popsicles, let's give birth at home"...Damon - "my friend at work gave birth at home and could only find someone to attend in the TriCities. they didn't make it in time. no way." So hospital and starvation it is.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I passed again!

Yesterday marks the beginning of the 3rd and final trimester. It was a date marked by writing a paper and mowing the lawn. I should be so lucky that I feel good enough to mow the lawn. Friday we looked at day cares. We got on waiting lists and saw one freaky place. Saturday was spent again taking the 3 hour glucose test. I found out today that I passed again. I didn't care as much other than avoiding additional doctor appointments that usually cause me to get anxious and some sort of illness. During the glucose test I went and got a swimsuit. IT is ugly, but then we went to the tricities and went swimming. I still haven't gotten up the courage to head to prenatal water aerobics, but I packed my swimsuit today and then didn't go. Sunday we cleaned all afternoon. The couches got shampooed and Tarn has been permanently (at least when we're around) sent to the floor. Really this weekend goes up there in the top 10 of fun-ness!