Friday, July 30, 2010

The most productive day

I rushed home to Yakima because the housesitter said Kitty was peeing and pooping all over the house. Since we ditched Kitty all summer, I felt horrible. Arriving in Yakima feels like our fun relaxing summer on the Pass is coming to an end. I guess since I already feel sad and heavy that must mean I have had a pretty good time. Which is true, it has been a vacation for me. I have loved hiking everyday and being closer to the West Side. I have loved all the visitors. I have loved waking up day after day with nothing to do but entertain Bryce. I have loved sitting on deck in the evening waving to the cars going by and laughing at Damon's embarrassment. That leads me to the most productive day ever. Today. I opened and read all of my mail for the summer. I paid all of my bills (even the hearing test for Bryce in the hospital - 11 months later). I swept and mopped, cleaned the bathroom. Washed the sheets. Took Bryce to visit at Day Care. Went to Costco. Went swimsuit shopping and bought a swimsuit. Fed, bathed and took care of Bryce. Bought a new phone. And updated the blog. Expect updates on a regular basis after August 20th. Oh ya, Kitty is fine, there was no evidence of his using the restroom all over the house, which doesn't speak to the yard looking like a big giant cat pissed all over it. The neighbors must wonder about us. Half the time we have a trailer in the driveway and the other half the time the house is abandoned. I'd guess meth lab.