Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hooray for Grandparents!

My parents came again and did so much around the house. They painted and rearranged our bedroom and put in an air conditioning unit. Thanks Linda and Dan for the air conditioner. Our bedroom is so comfy - I slept until 2 pm on Sunday (I did get up and eat). Then they put a fan in our bathroom and painted. We are still working on finishing it up, but the paint looks so good. My mom even mowed our dirt patch in the back and I am thinking about having an ugly yard party. Damon's parents sent us a nice package of baby stuff. Everything is so cute! Damon's mom also sent me money to get a massage for my birthday. It took me forever, but I finally scheduled one. They took our insurance, so I got a prescription from the Midwife for 5 massages. Now every time I go to the doctor's I have a massage scheduled afterwards. This is my last week with no doctor's appointments. Starting next week, if I am lucky, I will have one a week. I have started doing prenatal water aerobics. It feels so good to get outside and be in the water. Basically you jump around in the water for 45 minutes and talk about the name of your baby and what week you are on, ect. The coolest part is that everyone has a twin bathing suit since there is only one maternity store in town. My twin hasn't been there the last few times. You become best friends with your twin. Things should be really busy from now until baby day. Class started yesterday, which drops me down to part time at work. That is good other than having to drive down everyday. I'll try to stay current on the blog, but no promises. 7 weeks and counting to baby Bryce!

Monday, June 15, 2009

3 weekends without school

Last weekend, I got to spend some time with the Mims, the Tschimperles, and the Sabaris and their band of crazy boys. It is so fun to see all of their personalities. I am so excited to have our own to come and play. After leaving there, I was so tired and all I did was sit in the sun. Jill and Todd are lucky to have such a great place to go and spend time. This first weekend of no school was not so exciting. The house got cleaned after 3 weeks of dirt. And Damon cleaned the garage. This was a huge accomplishment, since it has been almost 4 years of opening the door and throwing things in. If I wasn't so lazy, I would go out and take a picture. Today marks 32 weeks of being pregnant, which translates to 8 months and 9 more weeks to go. We did the hospital tour. We are really lucky here to have a hospital (3 minutes away) with lots of birthing suites and two jacuzzis. It is just funny what your mind does. When they talked about jacuzzis, I pictured a big room with a full size hot tub that you would be hanging out in. It is similar to the bathtub jacuzzi that Mom and Dad have. Nice, but not where you would want to spend tons of time. Then the room is like a nice hotel room, with this little tiny bed in the middle that you hopefully flop around on and then a baby comes out. If you really want some good people watching, you can hang out in the waiting room. I am making jokes about it, but we are really pretty lucky to be so close to a good hospital. Our last doctors appointment went really well. They remembered how many weeks I was pregnant (yay), even knew what tests I had done (yay) and the results. We were in and out in under a half hour. And the midwife lets her patients eat, at least until you throw up. I guess there is one birthing room with a squat bar and birthing chair that only her and another doctor at the clinic patients use and so there is a good chance we'll get it. She does 10-15 births a month. That seems like a lot to me. August is a big month for babies - so hopefully we won't have to have the baby in the hallway. At that point we can just turn around and go home.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Old pics of Tarn and Kitty. I finally know where I will be next year. My internship is secured and paid, in Sunnyside. It starts October 1st. I AM SO EXCITED. I am sure it will be a challenging year, but that always seems to be a good thing for me. So I will be winding down my current job, sadly in some ways and happily in others. At least, I will be close, so I will still have those supportive coworkers to chat with regularly. This summer I will be taking 4 classes which I think adds up to something like 12 quarter credits and 3 semester credits. But that will only be with part-time working until August and then no working until October. The baby is totally on board to be born a couple of days after school ends (August 17th). We have agreed on the 20th. As a side note, after struggling to get medical bills paid by insurance, we are now receiving checks on a regular basis from one of our insurance companies. I don't know how that works, but I am trying to decide how to spend the windfall.