Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

We are so lucky (KC and I) to have parents that have been married for 40 years. What a great example for us and our relationships. What great parents we have. They probably thought they were done raising kids 15 years ago when I turned 18, but they are constantly still sharing their love with us and our families. They step in whenever they can to make our lives easier. Whether it is taking care of a screaming 1 month old or doing a BBQ for hundreds. This year has been a huge challenge for me. Having a baby and having to finish an internship. Going back to work a month after having Bryce, there would have been no way I could have done it without their help. When my friends say they want a Ron and Carla, I always remember how lucky I am. They are always the ones standing at the finish line of any important event saying “way to go”, but most of the time they smoothed the way to make it happen. Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! You are so loved and so appreciated!

**side note** Bryce was constipated (yes I am that parent talking about her kids poop, but don't worry my Dad was that grandparent talking about it at wallyball). Problem has been solved and we are ready to move on to not talking about poop. Thank you internet for once again playing doctor with me!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Limbo between sick and not sick

Our new home is the doctors. Bryce is always sick, at least according to Day Care. He has a temperature. He has a diaper rash (don't you think I know). He hasn't had a BM. He has a cough. So the nurse at the doctors is my best friend. Try this. Try that. Let's schedule an appointment Thursday if he isn't better. The day care says, "Thursday, they won't see him until Thursday?" Go to the doctors. He is fine. Don't worry. Here's a container you can put his poop in and we can have it analyzed. Catch it 2 minutes after he goes and run it to the hospital lab. Not sure if that is going to happen or not, I think the doctor is humoring me and providing one of those unnecessary tests. But now I better do it or I'll feel like a bad parent. So here we are in limbo between sick and not sick.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

We found the camera. Damon did and I guess it was right where it always is. I think it was Heather who taught me not to look for things, that it is pointless. Thanks Heather because it drives Damon CRAZY. So then I thought I'll put some pictures on the blog. So here they are. Big surprise I am sure. Bryce with Tarn. Bryce with Kitty. Bryce hating on food. Us hiking. So that is what we were doing a few weeks ago. Lately, we have just been sick. Bryce, Tarn and I went to the dog park. That was our big Sunday. The walls are starting to close in. As soon as Bryce wakes up from this nap, we are going somewhere. I don't know where yet.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


If your wondering where we have been...we've all been sick. Welcome to a baby in day care. Last week my parents came and saved us when Bryce cut a new tooth and had a fever. They also put in a new bathroom cabinet just because. We really appreciate all their help. Then 3 days after sending Bryce back to day care we were blessed with vomiting and the opposite of vomiting. That one whipped through the whole house. Being sick sucks, but being sick with a baby really sucks. Today he went to the doctor and the doctor said he was okay so maybe we'll try day care again tomorrow. And we lost the camera, so we couldn't even document the pre-puking snowshoeing trip.