Thursday, March 26, 2009

More good news!

The house appraised at 120% what we owe. No more PMI and a 4.5 interest rate. Yahoo! Maybe we will be able to afford day care.

Monday, March 23, 2009

I passed!

A blood test. About a week and a half ago I failed my glucose test. It was a shock, I really still don't believe it. I can eat sugar with the best of them. Basically, you get to drink a really nasty sugar drink and sit for an hour then they take blood. It pretty much sucks. And then the results came back that I failed. So for failing you get to be really lucky and drink a twice as nasty sugar drink, give blood every 3 hours while sitting in a doctor's office. In order to avoid missing more work than I have lately I went to a clinic in the bad part of town that is open on Saturday's. I was told to get there early and get as close to the front of the line since my test took 3 hours and they are only open 4 hours. So as soon as people started lining up, I jumped in line, number 3. Well, eventually there isn't really a line, just a mob. I still ended up near the front. But by the time they figured out my insurance, I was like number 10. Then they take you back in a big group to give labs. I got called back pretty quick since my test would take 3 hours. They take blood first. And then they give you this nasty drink. I am pounding it as fast as possible. They tell you to do that because it makes you less sick. And you have to be fasting to take this stupid test. They're pretty concerned that you are going to get sick and throw up. Other people told me if you throw up, it is an automatic failure, then off to being a high risk pregnant person with more stupid doctor's appointment. There was no way I was going to throw up. Then the lady starts bringing in other people to take their blood, right in front of me. That will make me puke, I hate the sight of blood. Anyhow, I made it through the awful Saturday. Today I found out I passed and my numbers are even low. So if you ever have to take the first stupid glucose test, don't eat breakfast. Now I am free to binge on candy!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Big giant blog slacker!

I haven't even read anyone else's blogs lately because I have been feeling so guilty about being such a blog slacker. Not sure if I want to cut the blog out of my life or if I have just been way to busy with school, work, being sick, homework and a bunch of other stuff that isn't getting done around the house. Somehow I have to write a big important paper this weekend and get the house clean and ready for an appraisal. I am sure somehow it will all get done, but everything has felt really overwhelming lately. I can't wait to finish this month. I know your not supposed to wish your life away, but I am so sick of spending every minute on the weekends doing homework or feeling guilty for not doing homework. Yuck. Looking so forward to having some guilt free fun again (21 days to go)! On a positive note, I know I have a lot of support out there so even though it is all overwhelming, your cheering for me right? Can't wait to dig out of this hole and actually visit with friends and family again.