Thursday, November 29, 2007


The snow is still falling. When I got out of bed -yes 5 am- my big dopey dog, Tarn corralled me into the corner of the living room. He likes to punch, so he sat down and started throwing punches. I quickly hopped on the stairmaster and he cast a disgusted glance and went back to the bedroom to sleep. My guilt got to me and Tarn and I went for walk down the Greenway and enjoyed the 3 inches of new snow, or Tarn enjoyed it, I tolerated it - It is 5 am. Presently, Tarn is shaking his neck chain at me so I will move my stuff off the couch so he can lay down, I am being bullied by a giant mutt. Assessment: so far so good. I am on 3 days of 5 am workouts, each day when I get up I come out in the living room and raise my hands in victory. Damon claps. We have not eaten out all week and I am tracking my calories on So far I haven't learned Spanish, cleaned, gotten organized, saved money or stayed in better touch (does a blog count?). As for being a better employee, after 3 hours of meetings yesterday my coworker asked me if we always have to g - ahh the cat just put his paw in my coffee and shook it on me - okay is work really that interesting? I guess I better get there, it is going to be a long drive in the snow.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Let It Snow

Mondays are always crazy as Mondays always are. Making it through the day was enough and I quickly ran and joined the new 24 hour fitness gym - that you can only join from 10 am to 7 pm (hmm). So tomorrow 5 am will be my first post vacation workout. Motivation has to be stronger than the snow is deep.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Damon and I just spent 12 days in Loreto, Mexico on the Baja. Days filled with relaxation, snorkeling, driving around, reading, kayaking, playing with stray dogs, long moments drinking very bad and very good coffee, staring into space, and in the end getting silly. Vacation always gives perspective. The perspective usually adds to already busy days of the future. I must exercise daily, stop eating out, learn spanish, clean more, save more money, get organized, be a better employee, stay in better touch with friends and family, meet more people, and somehow learn to love Yakima. It all seems so easy - all those things you are going to do after the vacation - while you are downing your second cup of coffee watching the stray dogs circle the block for the third time. Maybe this time I will actually start living the way my vacation muddled mind dictates or at least I will have to document my failure. This will be my motivation.