Saturday, October 26, 2013

Halloween train toppenish

At Christmas time last year we went Toppenish train museum for Santa train. You may remember my post about the North Pole looking like a junk yard. But Bryce loved it. The had a whole room full of Thomas and a bunch of electric trains. Bryce has been begging to go back. So we went to do the Halloween train. Ummm no room full of Thomas or toy trains. You do get to ride the train about a block. This blew Quin's mind. Ooh ooh. He is easy to please. He loves the vacuum. Then you pull up to junk yard. There are two boxes of pumpkins. A plastic ring toss and a beanbag toss. Plus fake store fronts. (You can take your picture in the fake jail- the lady informed). Well good thing you can go in the jail because it is really hard to hold on to an 18 month old with a train driving around. The kid runs towards loud noises. He is fortunate he lives now because if it was survival of the fittest, Quin's not. It is also fortunate that shoved in the jail are all Quin's favorites. Chemicals, brooms, ladders, pieces of rebar. Ooh ooh. They happily took No balance Damon and my 4 year old on a pumper car. Blew Bryce's mind. Ooh ooh. F for safety. My opinion: F, so lame. Bryce and Quin say best day ever.

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